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Small businesses and large companies are treated in the same way, it doesn’t matter how large or small the project is. Our aim is to be efficient and quality driven to keep to the demands of your business deadlines while still having the most competitive prices around.

Spray Finishes is becoming the leading quality in external joinery using some of the best equipment and materials around, providing joiners and carpenters alike a top end finish.

In Need of a Trusted Joinery or Carpentry Firm to Help with your Project?

We can put you in contact with the right people for the job, whether it is a large commercial project or a small bespoke unit. We have a varied list of companies with their own expertise, in everything from airport refurbishment to airing cupboard shelving.

Spray Finishes is a trusted business with over 20 years experience. We offer traditional polishing and modern spraying techniques for private and commercial businesses, with an extensive range of coatings to meet your specific requirements, whether it is an internal or external project.

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