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MDF and Veneer Substrate

Surface preparation

Prior to coming to Spray Finishes all surfaces due to be painted, should be sanded using up to 240/320 grit sandpaper.

The corner of the edges should be slightly rounded to allow a clean painted finish.

All routed out MDF should be sanded with a 180 grit pad and then sealed with water and PVA to a mixed ratio of 1:1.

Veneer substrate should be free of scratches and bruising. If these imperfections aren’t removed and the substrate goes through the staining process they will become unsightly and hard to rectify, also please bare in mind that taping up the panels prior to delivery can bleach the timber causing a lighter line across the timber which is impossible to blend in.

MDF cabinet joins should be sealed with white or clear chalk running the inside of all joining edges, to get a skater finish.

Spray Finishes can finish and spray MDF or wood to your specifications. Priming and sealing is a very important procedure and should be carried out by professional spray technicians using a fully equipped workshop.

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