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Terms & Conditions & Letter Of Agreement

We spray Pre Cats, Polyurethane's, Cellulose, Acrylics, Water Based, and Joinery Coatings.

Spray Finishes charge per sq metre & per running metre plus extra for edges, per side and price is dependant on the thickness of the substrate.


RAL’s and BRITISH STANDARD colours are more desirable than matching another companys colour as these are not consistent. For example- if a client is wanting to match a DULUX colour as they already have in their kitchen from 18 months ago then the current representation may be slightly different.

It is a rare occurrence that there will be any discrepancies when matching colours but we cannot be held responsible if the representation is not to your (your clients) liking.

If you decide that you would like a colour that was created by a well-known brand then there are a couple of things to consider:

Our manufacturing companies create very good ‘representations’ of another companys colour, However this is a representation and, although it is very uncommon, there can be tonal differences. We cannot be responsible for these tonal differences if we have matched a colour that another company has created. This is the risk of having a colour matched.

Colours can also have slight tonal differences due to different sheen levels, consistency of different products, lighting etc. For example- if RAL 7091 is painted in a matt water-based paint and RAL 7091 is painted in a 20% P.U, they may have slight tonal differences although they are the same colour.


If you decide that you would like a sample that we have to order in then a charge of £25 is issued.

When you are reinstalling/building your jobs onsite you may want a touch up and so we can offer to make you up a touch up paint pot with or without a re useable aerosol. You are required to obtain the correct safety gear needed to use the product and we can not take responsibility for any issues that may occur. The charge for the aerosol is £30.


Substrate edges should be flat and smooth with no saw marks. Panels etc must be mechanically sanded smooth to 240 grit. If they come in not ready to be sprayed we will charge £40 per hour to prep them, and by accepting our services you accept these conditions.

If some edges are sanded and some have been left we will assume these edges are not seen and do not need coating- unless informed otherwise.

The panels must come in with all hinges and handles removed, if not then we will remove all furniture, keep separate and charge for labour. Masking- if any holes are not to sprayed then they need to be masked off exactly as whatever is left will be sprayed.


Exterior joinery should arrive with a radius of at least 3 mm on all edges. Any end grain should be sealed with end grain sealer, this is to give the product a true seal and extend its life and the paint finish.

A typical exterior paint system is primer, undercoat and topcoat, this ensures your product is truly sealed to the best it can be.

If there is damage when fitting then it may mean that the seal has been compromised. It should be repainted onsite correctly to avoid any moisture getting into the wood. We do not offer a guarantee on any exterior products.


We reserve the right to be 7 days late , but this is very rare and we will make you aware if we are running behind.

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